That title sounds a bit on the promiscuous side…whatever that means.   Back to business. My visit to the neurologist brought a back exam that ended in another MRI since the pain in the lower back (original herniated disks from accident) and mid back (injuries) were still causing pain after 13 years. No surprise there. Then she asked me if I had fallen again and if so, when? Yes, 2-3 weeks ago. Any injuries? Yes, I fell hard on my head and it still hurts to even lightly brush my hair. Let’s see that  Ouch!  (I told you it still hurt. Told her too but…)  I don’t like that, let’s do a CT scan on the brain. And a CT scan on the back. After that the MRI on the back. She could decorate her office walls from stem to stern with my films.

When I showed her my swollen red leg and foot, it brought ooo’s and ahhh’s. A change is always like a cold fresh breeze and no matter how interesting the back is, in the course of 2 years, it becomes  a trifle boring and is beat out every time by a bump on the noggin and a leg and foot red as fire and big as a Super Tanker in the Gulf sun. They are way up there over a boring back. But Dang! Two other doctors are following those! OH, OH, OH… I shout like Horshack on the “Welcome Back Kotter’ show, I have to have a heart monitor since my blood pressure was dropping like a stone and causing me to faint like the head fall which we already wore that subject out and another recent one that caused the night in the hospital where I was tortured. We won’t revisit that one either.

On the momentous crash, I was practicing for the Indy 250 of motorized chairs around the kitchen island when the unexpected faint took place. When I awoke (which plowing your face into the front of the fridge will do every time) I had to turn the feebly putt-putting of the chair off and feel my cheek to find a really nice facsimile of the nubbly texture on the fridge door. Feeling very sick to my stomach and dizzy, resulted in calling Terry, my ride extraordinaire,  and we  headed out to Bay Medical where I got right in to a room since it might be heart (unlike swollen red diabetic legs..not so much).

That was the afternoon matinee yesterday. Tomorrow we have to head out when the local NAVY Base strikes up the National Anthem at 8AM. I thought those cute little Navy boys had to get up earlier than that! My GP who is back will be my Doc of choice tomorrow to see if my leg and foot (which look suspiciously like they did last Friday) look like we need to switch meds like Helen Van Elsen. Tune in then for a new report! Signing off…Kath