A Little Bit Sad, A Little Bit Happy

Hi,  Checking in again, and sorry I’ve  absent for a bit.

It’s been a long couple of weeks and it’s far from over. I’m not going to go into great detail,  Instead I’ll just list short descriptive items.  First of all, after my GP, I had to go to the neurologist. I was out of pills and it was overdue. She re-prescribed the pain meds and asked me if I had fainted since the emergency room and I had. I told her I fell forward out of my chair and was out until my head hit the floor hard. I was a little worried about it since it had been a couple of weeks or more and it was still swollen and hurt to brush my hair or touch it. She came over and pressed pretty firmly on the spot and made me holler Ouch! and then she called for a CT Scan of the brain and lumbar and an MRI after the monitor is off of the heart.  And so the day after Christmas I go to do that and see what’s going on in my head and  back.

The GP also prescribed therapy for the leg and foot which is handy by being in the same building as she is here on the Beach. I went two days ago and wasn’t thrilled but I knew I had to. It actually turned out ok since she thinks she  can get the swelling down in 7 treatments of one day after another and  mostly it will be wrapping each day. So that actually sounds good. I know when Home Health did that at first it felt good. So here’s hoping that it works and I can get back to the compression boot. As for the heart monitor, that is turning out crazy. The cardiologist had to be out-of-town for my last appointment to see him and they have to be done in three’s. 1) attach the heart monitor 2) in 30 days Terry takes it back so they can get the readings off of it and see what they show 3) go in a  few days after that to visit with the dr. about the findings. So I couldn’t walk on my leg that day and called to tell them so we could reset the appointments once again. A new person answered that I hadn’t spoken to before and I said I needed to reset and why…that I had other ailments that sometimes interfered. She got angry sounding and said, “No, we’re not resetting it and you will come in on the 15th to see the dr.” I let her know we hadn’t had the monitor on yet, so it  wasn’t supposed to be with him until all was done and he read the results. She said “You will keep this appointment anyway.” I said Okay…fine and that’s how we ended it. Should be a strange meeting with no results.   

I guess that is it…no more until the day after Christmas. Oh yes, I did forget to tell you about the bad couple of nights I had this week during all of this appointment setting. It really was getting to me and causing me to feel almost strangled with the stress as one appointment piggy-backed with the other. The GP called also for a sleep apnea overnight at my house testing while I sleep. I reminded her I don’t sleep anymore, only in “once in a while catnaps” during the day. She said that’s one thing they will see is why you can’t sleep. Sometimes you can get like a new baby home from the hospital who gets its nights and days turned around and its hard to fix, but it can be done. I didn’t like it at all and when I got home the phone rang and it was them wanting to set it up. I immediately hit the stress wall and started crying and told her it was just too much, too many specialists doing too many things to me too fast. She said did they tell you it was at your home so you could sleep more relaxed? I said yes, but you don’t understand, I don’t sleep! Only during the day off and on and not every day. She got quiet then and realized it wasn’t going to work and she said very nicely, “I will put this in your file and there is no pressure here. You call us when you are feeling better and think you might want to try it.” I thanked her and that was that. That night I sat up and cried all night and wasn’t sure why, but couldn’t stop. Release of pressure valves I guess. The next night I sat up at the computer working on my 3D models and would stop off and on and cut my hair off until morning when it wasn’t long anymore but short. I am not sure why I did that either but I’m struggling valiantly to get my sense of humor and positive outlook back on track. I feel a little better today but not too thrilled it will be next summer before my hair is long again like I prefer it. 🙂 I guess I could order one of those cheap dynel wigs.      😉

Okay, I’m signing off for now. Have faith in me, I’ll get back to a good place if they just back off and let me breathe a little. Wishing you and yours the best of Christmases in whatever way you celebrate. I’m going to close my eyes and listen to a little Christmas music online tonight and pretend I am seeing fluffy white snow instead of lights in palms and Santa in shorts.



Home from the hills, the rolling hills of white sand dunes that is. ♫  ♪ ♫”Over the water and through the dunes to the Doctor’s house we go.” ,   ♫“The truck knows

Does this method of administering insulin seem a bit strange??

Does this method of administering insulin seem a bit strange??

the way, She shouts an ‘OLE!!!’ and does her impersonation of Charrrro….”Tceeeeeeee-yow!!  Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang—Aiiiiii  yiiiii…” ♪  ♫

Today was “I” day. And for you who know not what “I” Day is, It’s Insulin day! The day when we all dump what’s left of our saline out in the parking lot flower beds and fill our reservoirs with Pure sparkley drops of insulin, jab the big needle into our tummys and set that cannula. Then we are plugged in and ready to go. I have to call her within 24 hrs. (by 8:30 tomorrow morning) and let  her know I am still alive and kicking and read her my numbers and times. For the first few days she wants me to take readings 10 times during the night and day. What’s that…Uh, Before meals and two hours after is 6 so that means 4 times during the night. With my sleep and pain problems that means no sleep for 4 days. Yep. That’s do-able. Sure… And Terry usually has to help me because those non-functioning numb hands look like they are massaging something and getting nowhere. How that is going to play out during the night and when he is at work is anyone’s guess. And yes, feel free to guess if you want. I will check in periodically and let you know how I’m doing with the  cannula in me delivering what I need to survive, the numb hands and the most perplexing thing of all, the numb head. That one wouldn’t surprise Dad however. 😀 Oka y, time to check the blood. Over and out. Kath


Well, the numb hands are wo rse (right one swelling) and now the right side of my head wanted to get in on the fun and it is numb. Right arm and hand are now swollen. The neurologist has set a brain MRI for Wednesday to see what it shows. If nothing we will chase down the nerve endings that are involved.  Some days it’s a little harder to get to the humor. Wednesday – brain scan Thursday – diabetes appt. (pump is doing well and seems to be keeping the numbers lower.)

Stress? Who Me?

Well, it’s Sunday, a day of rest. Really? Rest?? We can hope. 🙂 How many of you save projects for the weekend, thereby ruining any plans for recreation with the family, relaxation for you and your mate and just plain fun? Me too. When else are we to do them? Unfortunately it’s difficult to apportion that recreational time when we have so many irons in the fire, so many chores needing done and so many problems that need tending to. Life nowadays is fast paced and hectic. It shows in our kids and grandkids and not surprisingly it shows in those who work with them and us each day. No rest for the wicked as they say. If you don’t think that this lost rest and family time is affecting us in a multitude of harmful ways, then you are just not listening and watching. Your head is in the sand up to your eyeballs too so let’s figure out what we can do to get back on track and improve just about  everything around us from our kid’s attitudes to our mate and our closeness time which has degenerated unto a hurried kiss as we run out of the door headlong into our frenetic lives.

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