Sleepy in the South

What time is it? What day is it? Where do  live???

I am sorry to admit that I slept the morning away! I was so  tired last night after grabbing a bite to eat I just went to the recliner, eased myself into it and promptly found myself in dream land. I won’t bore or thrill you with my dreams (at least not this time) and I awoke a few times and dropped back to the streets of Chicago and my partner, Mickey Spillane. Ooops, almost gave that one away!

To the matter at hand… the neurologist was happy i gave myself a little stroke test each time something went numb, but unhappy with the head numbness over the hand numbness it seemed. She aksi wasn’t thrilled with the spasms. I had forgotten those, but Terry kindly reminded me and told her about them. If I have neglected to inform you, I am sorry, I really thought I had. 😦 It consists of an arm or leg taking off in a huge spasm and slamming down on the desk or the floor and hitting it hard. It hurts like fire and I holler. End of story. Can’t tell when one is coming but they sure can wreak havoc.

Bottom line, off to a brain MRI on the 15th and an appt again for the results on Feb 5th.  I will definiely keep you all finom



Cloak and Dagger

We really need to stop meeting like this. Although, what better description of my cloak_and_dagger_by_jim_lee_by_northchavis (1)horror faced stalker. It seems lately he is always at my back. Who better to pen us than J. Scott Campbell.

It’s been a long time and that’s my fault. In fact, I am going to do it to you again. Only because I have an appointment with my neurologist today at 4 and I will report in after that again. I have stupidly developed numb fingers, hands and now the right side of my head. A little numbness is not bad, it can help with the pain. But these are  particularly annoying since they also brought a friend with them who thinks it’s funny to cause me to stumble a lot and lose my equilibrium  It’s just a barrel of laughs around here, and so I must go or I’ll be late.

Until later this evening….


What did she say??

The plan for today was two MRI’s at Bay Medical on the Beach. I have had plenty of them during the past 11 years since the accident. The Neurologist seems to be concerned about the mid back spine. So the MRI’s were for low back where the disks were ruptured and the mid back which seemed to draw attention lately with pain from me and concern from her when she feels the area. Then two sets of x-rays, the left shoulder and the right knee. Both have hurt me for quite awhile and were getting worse. She said we’ll start with x-rays and go from there.

We just made it at the appointed hour, 3 pm. As we went to the back of the building where a room awaited me, she found out that I had done plenty of these over time since the accident and so off we marched. She told me that at most, it would take an hour and could I lie still that long. I told her that I had never had trouble before. (But notice how the time  doubled?) She said one hour should do it for tomorrow and I have already done one hour. Then I have the Thorax one early next week, then back to the neurologist to see how they look. I am getting clues that it’s not too hot. And I am not thrilled that she is lying to me about how long it will take.  She also said it looked like I must be having a lot of pain. Yep, I was.

I haven’t had one yet that hurt me that much, and I started to writhe around a bit on the hard table  since I hurt so bad.. and then the legs and foot  went and I had to get up. I’l let you know tomorrow if I have to go or if I can put it off until Friday.