Any success is a good thing! And today, finally, my favorite most  revered GP in the land was back home and she told me a very special piece of news. I DO NOT have an infection. Hence I have had no fevers throughout the entire time. So the word of the day is lymphedema physical therapy to get rid of all that water and redness so I can get back to the cycling pressure boot. Also to improve our gait and balance when walking. And here is another shocker…(at least it was for me) she said I am carrying at least 25 lbs. of water between both legs (Mostly in the right leg) which will go quickly now due to her quad-druppling the Lasix and Potassium that goes with it. I will be so light I’ll float like a feather. I was wondering if this was such a neat thing last night as I made (it seemed like) 100 hurried trips to the little girl’s room. And it’s working today too which should be interestng since at noon I have my appointment at the cardiologist’s to get my heart monitor installed. Do they install heart monitors like software? And if so, what happens if you freeze up and they get the blue screen of death???? Okay, that’s enough of that. I will return and regale you with tales of installations and 404 Not Founds!