After a short break, we are back to report in. It’s been a bit of a scary time, but it’s eased up and I think we’re travelling down a better path in the forest. The diabetes doc doubled my two long acting insulin shots…morning and evening. We went from 35 units twice a day to 70 units twice a day. I wondered to myself just how that would affect me or if it wouldn’t affect me at all. It did. And soon after taking it, I resembled the Goofy Woman in the side show when the traveling carnival came to town.

Hours of somewhat scary reactions and finally it wore off. Raise your right hand and repeat after me. “Note to self…Never double a medicine when you do not realize what it will do  ‘possibly’.” Which means I will never partake of any new meds unless they have been tested on umpteen jillion people before I step up to the plate! Then it was time for the next diabetes meeting. When they heard the story of the silly clown, they decided that it was enough playing around I guess and they are attempting to get me approved for the Pump. So far, so good, I spoke to the gal at the medical supply house and she talked like it’s a done deal. but I also think she said that I need to have a glucose reading of 200 or less at testing time to qualify and just so you know the good news too, this morning it was 141!!! Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It hasn’t been that low in a long time so maybe the silly clown needed to pay a visit!! Say some prayers for a 200 or less tomorrow morning early. 🙂

Catch you laters gators,



My “Almost Weekend” Day


Well, not really, I just like Robin Williams’ cheerful greeting to each new day in a war torn world. I shouldn’t like it, but when he shouted it accompanied by the favorite songs of the troops mired in muck up to their elbows, I took heart.