The Puzzle

The brain and lumbar CT Scans are over and so is the blood panel. All done on the same day and quickly. She mangled my arm looking for a likely spot to draw the blood from so my arm is a bruised mess. Then back to the scanning room and did the CT Scans. All in all it was very quick and easy. Which was a relief.

Then yesterday right after Terry left for work, I felt weird. So I took my blood pressure. It was 88/46. Okay, that is scary time. And I couldn’t stay awake long enough to form a coherent thought. So I called Terry to come home and fell back asleep. When he got here and woke me again, it was just as low if not lower. So I asked for a huge glass of tomato juice with lots of salt in it. I like it this way anyway so I wasn’t upset at the supposed cure. I drank it and half of another. Terry took off to hurry through the grocery store and I took my morning pills being careful not to take a blood pressure pill.

And then it hit me. This puzzle I am locked into right now. It explained a lot and for the life of me (no pun intended) I can’t see how to remedy it, maybe you can. The quadruple meds for water retention and the potassium that goes with it is doing it’s job nicely – removing it from the leg. However the leg is still swollen hard but the rest of me is getting skinny. The water leaving is lowering my blood pressure while the water I retained was keeping the BP at a normal level. It’s a catch 22. If I leave the dangerous water, the BP is normal but there is a high chance of losing my leg. And if I drain that water off to remove the danger of bad things happening to the leg, then the BP drops like a stone which could  be life threatening on the other end. I wonder what the  doctor will come up with to solve the puzzle? What do you think is the answer?

I will check back later…



One thought on “The Puzzle

  1. holy cow….you are really caught between a rock and a hard place…perhaps changing the type of bp medicine might help and making it less strong…would it be safe to cut back on bp meds while on the pills to rid your body of fluids??? you, my dear, are a puzzle for the docs. You ae putting them thru their paces…lol

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