Appointment with the PA

I had my appointment early and I showed her all and went over all that had happened so far including my good friends who want me to head to Mayo. She didn’t comment on that of course, she can’t advise me  although my GP can on Thursday if she wants. In the meantime, I have instructions to tighten up my diet even though it’s  hard right now with the holidays upon us. I am to keep the leg elevated, moist heat, and keep taking the Cipro until its gone which should be Thursday when my GP is back and I have my appt. with her. They gave me a HUGE shot of Rocephin in the hip and made me sit 20 min. to make sure that I wasn’t going to have a reaction from it since it was large. (took forever to get in me)

Set up a series of visits with a physical therapist who works with lymphadema patients and she will do some therapy on me to dimish the water in my right leg and foot which will help the infection  to diminish and the antibiotics to work better. I imagine Thurs. will  bring more decisions.  She termed my cellulitis as moderate in severity, and from that I have determined I never want to have it severe. Any more and my foot and leg would explode all over her. ;-0   I am to call for a fever or more pain, redness and/or swelling. So we’ll see how this big shot does and I will let you know how things are going. Thanks for being there!



2 thoughts on “Appointment with the PA

  1. I am crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes for ya! Please stay outa trouble til you get to see your GP…no tipping over wheel chairs, or reaching too far for stuff…Hang in there and I am thinking good thoughts for ya!

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