Boy, It’s Dusty Around Here!

Hi again, I have to admit I’ve more or less been through Hell and back lately, The operable word there is back. But…I’m headed for a fight. I have developed cellulitis and it is spreading like an Unzer on  a racetrack. We ended up at the Emergency room at the hospital after we had a 5 HOUR WAIT! And why was I there?? I had called my diabetes specialist from when they opened at 9 AM and another at mid morning and left two messages since they were obviously goofing off and not attending to the business of doctoring. I also left explicit descriptions of what was happening to me and said I needed antibiotics…STAT! And spent the entire day waiting on them to call me or the pharmacy with no results. The day ended with their answering service telling everyone to go to the emergency room if it was an emergency or if it was anything else to call back during regular office hours. EXCUSE ME!!!        But hadn’t I been doing that all day???

Isn’t there a hippocratic oath in there some where??  Doesn’t that word look suspiciously like it has a close relationship with hypocracy?   Well I can’t bash them all, I have known some jewels and I happen to think that the sun rises and sets in my GP. She is awesome and I trust her with my life. And that’s why a HELP call went out to her. She is out of pocket until my reg. appointment with her on Thursday but the PA will take me Monday morning at 9:30 so that helps. The hospital gave me a few 5oo mg Cipro tabs to start on so I am doing that with a prayer that it  makes a start on killing this infection.

There have been so many friends and relatives emailing me and asking how I am that I can’t possibly keep up, especially since I have been down a lot. So resurrecting the blog seemed the best thing to do. Thank you all so much for caring. I also discovered when checking in again that there are a lot of other people subbed and reading too and that is terrific! Join in you quiet ones, this is a great group to belong to. Check back often for updates, I will definitely keep you informed.



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