Cloak and Dagger

We really need to stop meeting like this. Although, what better description of my cloak_and_dagger_by_jim_lee_by_northchavis (1)horror faced stalker. It seems lately he is always at my back. Who better to pen us than J. Scott Campbell.

It’s been a long time and that’s my fault. In fact, I am going to do it to you again. Only because I have an appointment with my neurologist today at 4 and I will report in after that again. I have stupidly developed numb fingers, hands and now the right side of my head. A little numbness is not bad, it can help with the pain. But these are  particularly annoying since they also brought a friend with them who thinks it’s funny to cause me to stumble a lot and lose my equilibrium  It’s just a barrel of laughs around here, and so I must go or I’ll be late.

Until later this evening….



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