I Fall To Pieces…♫

I fall to pieces,
Each time I see you again.
I fall to pieces.
How can I be just your friend?

Patsy dropped by again this morning and you can see what effect her morning coffee visit had on me. I told her to please head on over to San Antonio Rose’s house next time. I’m afraid one day she will show  up singing “Crazy Arms” and then another malady will be sitting at the kitchen table too.  Instead I fell again twice. On the good side, My bones have got to be as strong as steel to hold up under this many falls, crashing to the floor and no breakage results. I do count my blessings.

And now for the real reason I am here bright and early this morning, last night at suppertime, a knock on the door and delivered one day early… you guessed it, my insulin pump!! And here for your viewing pleasure is that sweet bit of equipment in all it’s shining glory. Tons of it! The pump, a heavy thick book of instructions and explanation, Tubing, a “Quick Set Infusion Set”, a “Reservoir”, a “Quick-Serter” (looks like the part that goes next to the body and holds the insertion items, and a Revel, Paradigm,Real Time Mini Med. (Looks like equipment for when you are on the go. ) Wow. And this is supposed to be easier. Doc said in my last visit to just go on as always now and when the classes start to teach me   all about it, we will be switching over to the pump. He thinks this will be a saving grace for my runaway numbers and I hope he is right. The cost of this beauty in a box?? Over $8,000. Now I am going to be afraid to breathe for fear of breaking it. 🙂 Here’s a picture of another. I also have instructions to  play the DVD that came with it  and take a small test afterward. Then, pack it all up in your carry bag and bring it to the first training session. We lined up the three sessions which are all in November and ending right before Thanksgiving, then I am on my own.

I imagine there will be lots of others there taking the training and we will all sit there craning our necks forward yelling, “Huh? I didn’t catch that! Can you talk a little louder, I NEED TO KNOW THIS STUFF!!!”  And here are the images.










“Coming Attractions” in the month of November…

  • Ultrasound on legs and possible surgery on them.
  • Shot in right knee and  maybe more
  • Physical Therapy with emphasis on traction
  • Training for the “Pump” and beginning to use it

3 thoughts on “I Fall To Pieces…♫

  1. I don’t know how you keep your wonderful sense of humor thru all of this. It looks like you are gonna have a lot of reading and studying to do. Does it really have to be this complicated???? My best wishes to you and STOP FALLING DOWN! We need you right side up to create your beautiful artwork…..Upside down might get tricky… ❤

    • LOL, you and friends like you help to keep that laugh coming and believe you me, it’s needed most of the time. I just keep pluggin’ on since the alternative isn’t pretty or a solution. Besides in that middle ground, (I do find myself there more often than I would like) my nose gets red and trickles, my eyes swell up and it’s just not pretty at all! I will keep the corners upturned for good friends like you and so many others until I can’t anymore and I hope that’s a long way off. 😉


    • Oh and you reminded me of Myself and Mom. We were such fans of sick jokes and she never could come to see me after surgery when I was in the hospital. Knowing how it hurts when you laugh, she would hit the door to visit and in 2 seconds we would both be laughing and I would be moaning with tears in my eyes from the pain. She would leave for about 10 minutes and come back saying out of sight in the hall, “Now we aren’t going to do this, there is nothing funny about this right??!! I would yell “RIGHT!” She would round the door and the minute we laid eyes on each other we would go up. Dad would be so mad stating we were stupid to do this and we can control it if we really wanted to. (nope) So she would stay home and call me and then it was fine until the pain eased and I could go home. 🙂 I always figured if Mom were here and I was dying, I would go out laughing uproariously. She left first unfortunately but I still hope she is waiting on the other side of that light laughing her head off when I arrive.

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