“One Flew Over The Chicken Coop”

My situation at the moment is that the Vein and Artery surgeon who did the ultrasound on me to determine that my swelling leg and foot wasn’t caused by a blood clot, has been trying to get back with me for months. We miss each other due to me being sick or feeling bad or him being out of town. We finally got together and I was anxious to hear why he wanted another visit after he determined I had Lymph edema and moved me on to home health care for a couple of months. Come to find out, he had discovered I had some varicose veins under and around my right (bad leg) knee. You can’t see them until you pull the skin tight so I had no idea. He said it seemed to be interfering with the blood exchange up and down in that leg. He wants me back in a month and we are going to do another ultrasound to make sure and then go into his office and have a “talk”. When a Dr. says we are going to have a “talk”, to me it isn’t going to be a fairy tale, more like a horror story. To top this mess off, last night I was sitting and slowly rubbing my hands up and down on the outside of my thighs and to the back a little. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea, I guess it was just something to do.  At the back of the top of my thigh, I felt something soft and weird.  I grabbed a round hand mirror I have and put it behind me and looked. Lo and behold the entire top 1/3 of my thigh was a network of varicose veins sticking out mind you!!! I was shocked. How did I not know this??!  I then went to my husband who was lying back in his chair watching some tv show and turned around to show him. He was quiet and I turned a little to look at him and said “what do you think of that??!!” He just smiled and patted my backside and I jerked away and said “You have GOT to be kidding!!!” I am trying to get some sympathy here! I am in a motorized wheelchair!!!! I have varicose veins!!!!”  He just smiled and said “I love you.”  MEN!!!!  Truthfully, he has been working himself to a frazzle. He has been worried sick about me and wearing himself out going to work and then taking care of me when he gets home. Then I worry about him.

I am assuming that the Dr. knows they are there due to the ultrasound. When I left that day he said, “No matter you look great!” I thought, “so…. why does that matter in the big picture of things?” Now I know he probably thought I knew it and was covering up and feeling embarrassed. Jeesh. My life really has turned out to be a circus side show. Thursday I go to the diabetes Dr. and my numbers while better, still aren’t good. Then Friday to a new specialist…..what fun!! The neurologist sent me to an orthopedic surgeon because I have a knee that hurts and I can’t stand on it much. They took x-rays and she says it’s riddled with arthritis. So he is going to…get this….give me a SHOT in the knee!!!! I think I have mentioned most of this before. Well, you are a captive audience after and have to hear my stories and songs while I am wondering just where to get off this silly bus ride.



4 thoughts on ““One Flew Over The Chicken Coop”

  1. I continue to be amazed that with all the health issues you’ve got going on, you are still able to marshal the energy within yourself and continue your online work. That takes a resilience that continues to amaze me.

    You know me, I still want to hear what you are eating on a daily basis and what foods you are craving. I’m going to get another care package in the mail to you, soon.

  2. Oh Kath, Your saga breaks my heart. You handle it all with such humor and grace. I just wish the doctors knew more and could do more. Let me know more about that knee shot as I think I am supposed to be getting that…I have a torn meniscus and arthritis in my knee(s)…ARGH!!! Please take care of yourself….and keep posting your marvelous updates…much love…Shari

    • Shari, you are another I can count on to be there for me. I will let you know on the shot. Do you want the screaming in pain part??? ROFL It’s especially hard for me to take since most all of my life I have been healthy and not happy unless I were busy doing something. I get restless and bored without a project. 🙂 So all of this hitting at once is like torture to me and all I can do is sit here and take it. I have always tried to keep my feelings to myself and handle them, so this is the first time I’ve more or less hung it all out there. 🙂 Having you guys onboard has been wonderful for my “gut instinct” to stick it out and not hide totally from it and everyone which is my first instinct. I will fill you in on the dreaded shot. I have a sore shoulder too for about 6 months and x-rays showed nothing. Dr. said that a shot in the shoulder is do-able too. I think that might be overkill for my intestinal fortitude. LOL

  3. Ahh, Betsy you are another of the people I can always count on to have my best interests at heart and are willing to back it up with the help I need no matter if I am too down to respond. What a friend you are and I value you highly!! Still craving milk, sweets of any kind and as always carbs. I will send you a messy meal plan of what I am eating now in email. Thanks so much for being there!

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