How Sweet it is

I woke up this morning like some other mornings… having dreamed of running a restaurant and Hiring all of my grandmothers, aunts and friends to cook and run the place. And it was so nice to see them all again doing one of the things they did best, feed me with love and agree to do it for my patrons. Let me tempt you with a few names and descriptions to whet your appetite in a high caloric, (no I didn’t say high colonic) fat laden, sugar filled delights. They are mostly German/Penn. Dutch recipes, but of course these can be loved and appreciated by anyone and are.

How about aromatic Penn. Dutch Snitz Apple Pie. Apples sliced, cinnamon, sugar, flour and butter mixed and when cold cream or half and half are added and a top crust, you know you have entered into a dream and when you eat your first bite with tasty apples and that cinnamon crunch with that thick layer of cream surrounding it all, wrapped in a light flaky crust, well…..

OKay, that’s enough. The pain of missing it is too much to bear. Am I the only one who dreams of sweets to die for. I guess that is the telling phrase we all need to listen for, “to die for”.  Enough said on that subject.

Think good thoughts, I am off to the vein and artery doc who first sent me to home health care for the lymph edema which I will have for the rest of my life, and atrophying of my muscles. He will see how I am doing and re-prescribe if necessary.

As always, film at 11. 🙂


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