Have a Shot on Me

This day has been the pits. I’ve had worse, but while this one is not right next door, it is definitely in the neighborhood and ranks up there on the same block actually. It began with my numbers in the 350’s upon awakening. I have no idea why, other than it has a mind of its own. :-/. My new specialist has me under some new rules and one of them is when my glucose reading is over 300, I am to immediately give myself a big shot of Novolog, the fast acting insulin, and the one most dangerous due to the fact that it can cause you to crash.

CRASH: Definition: Hit bottom, numbers lower than a pregnant Daschund’s tummy. Be shaky, become unconscious, and at the end if not treated…DIE!

So, following doctor’s orders and not for the first time, I took the 25 unit shot and sat back and relaxed. Within 20 min. I was feeling a little shaky but not to worry, it wasn’t bad and I knew that I would feel a little something from the numbers coming down. Soon after, it was more than shaky and I felt sick, weak and a bit spacey. I thought “no, I can’t be crashing” and promptly took another reading. I think my eyes bugged out a little when I saw the number had dropped like a stone and they were now 118. To drop from 353 to 118 in such a short time was why I was feeling like Mork of “Mork and Mindy”…just a bit out of my own personal galaxy.

After another 15 minutes another reading revealed 112. So, this wild ride was headed for a crash landing unless I stopped it. ROADBLOCK!! There was a dish of pasta in the fridge and I tossed it into the microwave. I made short order of that dish plus a couple of half teaspoons of sugar. At the fifteen minute mark afterward, the reading had slowly crawled up to 116. Finally! A U-Turn in the road to Hell. A bit later and we were up to 144, then 228. “Okay, you can stop now” I yelled as she flew past me in a cloud of dust and empty Splenda packets. When she finally slowed to a crawl, I checked again and lo and behold she tipped the scale at a big bold 329.  And what do we do if she is over 300 friends??? You are correct. We give her another shot of liquid gold…that pure nitro that goes into race cars…Novolog. And this time, she rests at 187 and all is well in for now in SugarLand. Except me who is worn to a frazzle from highs and lows and in-betweens.

Before I leave you to lick my wounds, Dick Edwards found a wonderful site and let me know about it. It is  where I will be spending a lot of time learning and enjoying some good solid facts and meeting people. Also, the second link is to a great informational site where a teacher will instruct you in why insulin therapy is not good and what is good for type 2 sufferers. You can also email him for his new book  (I believe it is an e-book) for free. I think you will be as surprised as I on the way insulin works, what it does and why it may be contra-indicated for diabetics.

See you next time,                                                                                                Kath

http://diabetesawarenesssite.com/?p=1165                 http://diabetesawarenesssite.com/?p=1141


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