She’ll Be Coming ’round the Mountain When She Comes

She’ll be ridin’ 5 white horses when she comes… Ah would that life could be so sweet once more to be riding round that mountain. And on 5 white horses no less. Possibly even her Stallion who was a beautiful dappled grey, with is coat shimmering in the early morning light and his hot breath trailing in spirals upward while he awaits his Mistress’ call.

He looked forward to these morning runs, they cleaned thinking, released endorfins and forged a further bond between Mistress and horse. As she appeared around the copse of trees on the far side of the pasture, he snorted loudly and raced to her side. soon she would be off and racing madly through the hills that formed her Father’s estate, secure in the knowledge that Mistress and horse were as one.

Well, that was a nice daydream but all too soon we have to head back to that tortuous place called “reality”. Which means that… Tomorrow I am set up to go to an orthopedic surgeon who will dispense a big ol’ shot in the knee. My common sense tells me this could and probably will be extremely painful and will cause much lip biting to hold back the blue air response to the administering of said SHOT! There, that’s over. The local evening PCB news will print the results of the day for you tomorrow night.


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