Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Pass Out!

Well, it looks like all is more or less ok. She had me explain how I fell, when I realized I was falling, etc. And she came to the conclusion that I am not going unconscious I am falling asleep due to the fact that I cannot sleep much anymore. Hubby chuckled since he told me that all along. I hit him on the arm but he still chuckled.  MRI’s showed damage in the mid spine but not as bad as L4 and 5 which are the ones with the herniated discs from the accident.

So that is some worse than it was with more damage showing on the lower spine. The shoulder that hurts so bad just looks maarrrrrrvelous as Billy Crystal would say. I said I am putting up with all of this pain and it looks great? She laughed and said yes. So I must have pulled a tendon or something and it’s not getting better. The knee has a lot of bad arthritis showing and needs an injection from an orthopedic surgeon. Here we go again to yet another dr. And she wrote a prescription for 6 weeks, twice a week of traction at a local sports therapy clinic here on the beach.

And I thought I could take a break for awhile. But if it will relieve this interminable pain for just a bit, that will help. And traction felt pretty darned good 11 years ago when it happened. I hope it still does. I go back to her in six weeks after the therapy. She also wants me to do a sleep study. I said “I have RLS, I can’t do a sleep study and stay down.” She said, “well that’s the way they find RLS”. I said “We already know I have it” and looked at her like huh? She smiled and said, “so you want to postpone it?” I said, “Let’s do that.” ROFL.

Okay…that is the news from the skinny island in the turquoise Gulf.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Human brain side view

Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Human brain side view (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 thoughts on “Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Pass Out!

    • Hey, that’s what I say all the time over this stuff. I am calling to postpone it this morning and reschedule. So a reprieve from the Governor. 🙂 It amazes me that I have been in constant pain for 12 years since the accident and each time they want to do a procedure, more often than not it will add more pain even for a little while. It’s like “well, she knows what pain is, she won’t be griping or crying or yelling.” WANNA BET???!!! ROFL

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