“It’s Off to See The Wizard!”

Anticipaaaa-shun… Yep it’s time this afternoon to head to the neurologist for the results of the MRI’s and the x-rays. It’s been a little scary and touchy around here for the past few days. The four falls were extended to five over the weekend.Picture a hubby softly snoring in his chair in front of the tv and Perils of Pauline lying on the floor reaching up and tapping his arm and when he jumps awake…”Hey there, have you got a few minutes to help a dame up?” πŸ™‚

Follow that up with a messed up prescription night before last when I evidently got up in the middle of the night and took the evening meds way too late, then took the morning meds a few hours later which was too close and slept the day away. I’ve also been dealing with loss of equilibrium and spasms in the legs and arms that seem to come from nowhere. She should be the dr. for that too. Boy there are a couple of jokes that my Dad used to tell that would make a sailor blush that would fit here but don’t hold your breath ’cause I’m too nice to tell ’em.” πŸ™‚

So today is not only MRI day but a serious talk with the neurologist about what can be causing it. I have named the back injury and then a pill I take to help me sleep those two or three restful hours a night I get and on down to the uncontrolled diabetes. None fit.. By the way… the heavier doses of insulin he prescribed are helping a ton on the high sugar numbers. *Boy Howdy, a success at something!”* πŸ™‚ Okay, I am outta here. Film at 11. ( or 6 or 8 or…whenever I get back and get online.)Later,


MRI scan with hippocampus indicated