Shug, Shug, Sugar, Goodbye —- Shug, Shug, Sugar don’t Cry!

Long story short… I am insulin resistant. He assured me that a lot of people are, so I wasn’t to feel bad. The solution?? Gallons of insulin.  🙂 He upped the insulin by 100 units more each day and each day that I don’t have a fasting blood sugar under 180… wait one day then up it to 105. As for the short acting insulin, divide the carbs you eat at a setting by 3 now not 5 and you will be taking more units. And if I ever find myself in a jam with it in the 300’s again, give myself 24 units of the fast acting kind and don’t eat for 2 hours.

And I am pretty sure it will work because of what happened yesterday when he had us up the short acting one to 24 units at a time and wait 2 hr. to eat, it dropped like a stone. Almost too quickly, I got a little dizzy and weak and started to sweat. But even with eating dinner last night, when I awoke today, the fasting blood sugar was 194!!!! Hooray for our side!! And she lives another day!! He didn’t want to commit himself on the falling…falling asleep for a few seconds or going unconscious and falling, but seemed like he thought it could be behind it. Meanwhile I am still crippled from the last two falls yesterday which precipitated the call to the doc. He thinks that by the 3 week from now mark, we should be on the track to normal blood sugar readings. Which should stop any damage that is going on in my body now. 

I am smiling again. 😉



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