Scary Day

Another scary day here. I felt bad when I got up this morning for starters. Had cereal and milk and cranberry juice.  About 2  hours later, I sort of went unconscious for a few seconds and fell to the floor. I finally was able to get up in my motorized chair. No longer than 10 minutes later  it almost happened again but I caught myself and stopped the fall. It’s  basically the same falling I have been doing all along, only now I am starting to connect it with the diabetes and not the injured back or a neurology problem. Supposedly the specialist was out of the office so I called my GP here on the beach and asked if they wanted me to come in. They said no, call an ambulance right now. Instead I called Terry home from work and he called the specialist’s office just in case they were in and they were. They consulted and said for Terry to give me 30 Novalog Units which is the scary fast acting kind. And no food and then take the reading at 3 pm and call them back. So that is where we are now. I didn’t crash from the Novalog so it was way high. I will let you know how it goes after 3


2 thoughts on “Scary Day

  1. Oh, Kath! I am so sorry to hear about these Blood Sugars being so out of whack!!! I am glad Terry can run home and get you where you need to be. Do you think you should get admitted to the Hospital to get your sugars regulated where they can monitor you? Sounds like Home Health should be coming in daily for awhile to check on you! I am praying for the cause of this situation to be resolved!

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