No Pain, No Gain

I’m not laughing but I might have had a couple of rounds in me if there had been someone there to tussle with. But after a hot ride over there carrying my paperwork, a cold Drink and my rollator, and lo and behold, not one person who can do anything medical in the office. It was empty except one poor guy at the window telling them he took off work for this and now what is he supposed to do?

Then we find out the doctor is out and the gal who treats diabetes under his sign which spelled “Dr. Vinnie Boom Bah” said both were out for the day and the girl that sees me had a family emergency and won’t be back for a week. So she rescheduled it for the 16th. I truly am sorry for her family emergency. No one needs those! Time marches on… and thanks for checking up on me! It means a lot.’

PS. I am now free until the appt. with the endocrinologist again on the 16th and with the neurologist on the 21st to see what the MRI’s and the x-rays showed.



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