Finally, Success on the Table!

Monday afternoon it happened, I made it through the last of the full MRI’s. It was the lumbar one, the one I had to quit on a couple of weeks ago due to pain and RLS.  Hallelujah! Next is an appt. on the 21st to see what they showed. And one tomorrow to see about the diabetes numbers I have been having. They aren’t good. Mostly in the 300’s and 400’s no matter if after eating, what I eat or don’t eat. I predict that the insulin amount will be raised sharply. So far it’s 30 units in the am and 29 in the pm and a unit for each 8 carbs I eat during the day, right after I eat them since it is fast acting.

Thanks for following along!



3 thoughts on “Finally, Success on the Table!

  1. Thanks Sprockee, I am glad too! It should be a long time before they need more. (Hopefully) 🙂 Just got bloodwork done since it had been a long time. and now off to the diabetes dr. late this afternoon. They won’t be happy, I am wavering between the 300’s and 400’s and once last weekend it was over 500 and the monitor told me to do what my dr. advised in that situation. And I had nothing to do, so we gave me 20 more units of insulin, It worked and I slept through the night. I think today she will up the units a lot.

  2. Wow, Kath….I sure hope everything works out for you. Medical issues are not fun. My hubby was diagnosed with the big C in December and has gone thru chemo and radiationAll the testing is very trying on the body and soul. My very best to you and keep your spirit going as it is the most important healing instrument. Love reading your blog and your artwork is amazing….NEVER STOP!

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