Another Rainy Day in Dixie

Most of the day has been spent watching the gutters and ditches fill with a lot of rainwater and listening to thunder. It’s a sort of day that I usually like but today was somewhat different.

I took another hard fall in the night  and this one was hard enough to leave my right  forearm bruised and swollen in a circular pattern and also swollen from mid forearm to the elbow. I couldn’t figure out what happened for quite awhile and then had to figure out how to get up. I finally did but have been sort of weak and shaky on the typing the whole day. So I called and postponed the last half  of the lumbar MRI until Monday at 3 pm. That gives me until Monday to get “unshaky”.

I did get a new meter from the new doctor and it’s really nice. It monitors much more than the old one like insulin intake, readings before and after meals, and has a USB cord so you can hook it into the web and upload all of your stuff into their spot and get all kinds of readouts. Anyway, that was my day, and how was yours??



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