Short Story

And here it is. A/C man never showed when he was supposed to be here. A HOT night in the old town that night. However, today, “the Iceman Cometh” and he brought a capacitor and in 10 minutes the feel of beautiful cold air was snorting out of the air ducts and playing little dancing games across my hot forehead. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, what bliss.

Now where was I before we were so rudely interrupted? Oh yes. Tomorrow (or today depending in where you are)  it is my next trial at the Medical building where they will force me to lie on that hard table, crank my head backwards in a painful turn and make me “feel better” by handing me a rubber ball for emergencies and nice warm (hot for me

Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Magnetic resonance imaging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

lately) blankets over my torso and arms. My arms are bent and outside of the tube area lying on cold metal slabs with warm towels over them. It’s just enough length since my arms are long like my legs, that I can grip the edges of the trays or whatever they are. I’ll lay you odds that my fingerprints are embedded in them. Killjoy, I mean Kilroy was here.

If I can still type, I will fill you in when I get home. Don’t be too upset, this trial by fire progresses on through Friday (endocrinologist for the diabetes) who is not going to be too happy with my numbers and then on Monday, the second half of that lumbar MRI and then on next Wednesday, the results of the really fun MRI’s I had and what is next.You might want to get some Cheetos for the long haul. Hope you truly are doing ok out there, It’s awfully quiet in here.Kath





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