It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, the Old Man is Snoring


I loved that sing-song chant we used to do when it was dark and starting to rain on the way home from grade school. it usually meant Grandma would have dry clothes and hot chocolate ready and I could go and play in that wonderful walk-in closet that smelled of mothballs. When I tout that I never did drugs, I guess to be honest I would have to own up to smelling the mothballs in Grandma’s storage closet and the pungent odor of airplane glue while I sat perfectly still watching my boy cousins as they built model airplanes in Grandma’s bedroom upstairs with all of the many windows open at Christmas, which was usually the only day we were together…at Grandma’s on Christmas Day.

Flash forward to the present and a rain and thunderstorm can usually produce a  neat “snugly closed in ” feeling, it’s never going to reach that point today. Why, you ask? And as we try valiantly to enjoy the rain, we know we never will on this day because the A/C went out last night and the A/C guys weren’t here yet at noon and I had to postpone the MRI once again. We are now at almost 4 pm and no show. I don’t want to go through another sweat box day in Florida. Who ever wanted to come here in the first place??? Oh yeah, me. To be with Dad before he passed. And I missed it by one week. But it was so good to be with Mom before she left us too. And now I am left with this weather that would make a desert rattler scream for his mama.

All I can say is I am HOT and it’s not pleasurable. As I lie back in my racing chair, I lay an ice cube on my steaming forehead and let the melted cool water run down my nose, and off my chin to hit the hot skin of my chest and wonder what cold things I had in the fridge for supper, and if  body lotion would just chill in the freezer or become a hard lump of ice lotion? At this point, either  will do…




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