A “Sort of Reprieve”

Last night around 10 pm found me in a sort of unusual position for me. At least lately, I used to find myself in a few ungainly positions when in my teens but this

was a little different. Sitting here at the computer in a sideways position with the arms of the new motorized chair flung to the skies, I somehow got a teeny bit off balance and toppled over backwards in a Tonya Harding back flip. I could lie and say it was planned, however such was not the case. As I looked up at my other half who was frowning and hollering something about “I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I told you to sit straight in that chair!” (was he channeling Dad??) I refused his outstretched hand and told him I needed to get my bearings first and hopefully the pain in my back and leg would ease a bit.

Five minutes and a few unflattering positions later, I was back up and seated in the chair. After promising never to sit with the chair arms flung to the skies, and to sit perfectly straight in the chair from now on, things quieted down. Yes it hurt like the blazes and I felt strangely dizzy (er). But morning found me so sore and stiff, I knew there was no way I could climb on that metal torture table and do the second half of that lumbar MRI. I admit to feeling a bit like the cat who swallowed the canary, however a few of those hollow bird bones were still sticking and hurting me.

I grabbed the paper up with the order on it from my neurologist, and the day jumped out at me, Tuesday it said, Tuesday!! I had wasted all of my worry and fear on the wrong day. No need to call and change the date to tomorrow. It always WAS tomorrow. Sigh… See you after the matinee.



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