Stress? Who Me?

Well, it’s Sunday, a day of rest. Really? Rest?? We can hope. 🙂 How many of you save projects for the weekend, thereby ruining any plans for recreation with the family, relaxation for you and your mate and just plain fun? Me too. When else are we to do them? Unfortunately it’s difficult to apportion that recreational time when we have so many irons in the fire, so many chores needing done and so many problems that need tending to. Life nowadays is fast paced and hectic. It shows in our kids and grandkids and not surprisingly it shows in those who work with them and us each day. No rest for the wicked as they say. If you don’t think that this lost rest and family time is affecting us in a multitude of harmful ways, then you are just not listening and watching. Your head is in the sand up to your eyeballs too so let’s figure out what we can do to get back on track and improve just about  everything around us from our kid’s attitudes to our mate and our closeness time which has degenerated unto a hurried kiss as we run out of the door headlong into our frenetic lives.

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