My Pockets Full of Tricks

I’m planning for any eventuality. My Swiss Army Knife is in my back pocket, there is a quarter in my front pocket so I can call for help if I think of someone who cares and I am ready to beg if need be when Nurse Ratchett hollers out when it’s time to go, “I’m just doing a drive by at the morgue to save time, want me to grab a pizza on the way back?”

The torture begins at 3pm if you would like to set your Mickey Mouse watches. I plan on being brave right up until the lid slams shut and those interminably loud hammers start up. I’ll have the little rubber squeeze ball in my hand to call her if I want to tell her I quit and she hems and haws and calls out her “It’s only 8 more minutes, you can do that can’t you??” I’m just hoping I make it home before the 10 o’clock news.


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