Thursday’s Fun

English: Philips MRI in Sahlgrenska Universite...

Hurting today so much there is no option to crawl back up on that hard table so I called “scheduling” and we re-booked it for Monday afternoon to finish the low back MRI, then Thursday late afternoon for the thorasic  MRI which she informs me will take a long time to cover and my head needs to drop back into a position she tried with me yesterday and now we’re approaching medieval tactics like the “Pit and the Pendulum.”  Friday afternoon is the diabetic doctor so that will round out a week of doctors and if they will, I will be glad to have them do so just until I catch my breath.

At least we are off the hook for today. I am thinking that Terry needs to bring something diabetic and quick for dinner tonight. I don’t suppose McDonald’s Golden Fries Qualify? I didn’t think so…




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