What did she say??

The plan for today was two MRI’s at Bay Medical on the Beach. I have had plenty of them during the past 11 years since the accident. The Neurologist seems to be concerned about the mid back spine. So the MRI’s were for low back where the disks were ruptured and the mid back which seemed to draw attention lately with pain from me and concern from her when she feels the area. Then two sets of x-rays, the left shoulder and the right knee. Both have hurt me for quite awhile and were getting worse. She said we’ll start with x-rays and go from there.

We just made it at the appointed hour, 3 pm. As we went to the back of the building where a room awaited me, she found out that I had done plenty of these over time since the accident and so off we marched. She told me that at most, it would take an hour and could I lie still that long. I told her that I had never had trouble before. (But notice how the time  doubled?) She said one hour should do it for tomorrow and I have already done one hour. Then I have the Thorax one early next week, then back to the neurologist to see how they look. I am getting clues that it’s not too hot. And I am not thrilled that she is lying to me about how long it will take.  She also said it looked like I must be having a lot of pain. Yep, I was.

I haven’t had one yet that hurt me that much, and I started to writhe around a bit on the hard table  since I hurt so bad.. and then the legs and foot  went and I had to get up. I’l let you know tomorrow if I have to go or if I can put it off until Friday.



2 thoughts on “What did she say??

  1. Hi, Kath!
    I finally got in to read your post and am thrilled that you have tapped in to so many Diabetes Resources. I am not sure what date this post was entered, so you may have had all of your xrays and received the results. Just know that you are in my prayers and that Jesus can heal you of ALL of these issues! Keep the faith! I am also thrilled that you have become more mobile with your chair. My prayer for you is that one year from now, your foot and back issues will be resolved and you will be in Physical Therapy for walking again and not need the wheelchair. It is not God’s Plan for you to be
    where you are hindered with any form of illness! He is the Dear and Glorious Physician and can and will Heal You! He will do His part and we must do your part and “choose healing.” I know that you have not chosen Diabetes or ailments. When we thank God “in advance” for our healing (shows faith) healing begins to take place. I would encourage you to thank Jesus daily for your healing and watch to see what happens!

    Love, Hugs, and Prayers,

    • Thank you for your reply Diana. It means alot. And I already do thank God for my blessings. It’s too easy to stumble into self pity. So I keep heading in the right direction. Drop by any time!

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