Welcome to a Writer’s View

Welcome to a Writer’s View.

I created this blog because so many were asking me what was the latest on my conditions and how was I feeling, etc. It’s really been a wonderful thing to realize so many care and let you know they care. It was taking a lot of my time to respond to each family member and friend (not that I minded at all) but I had agreed to take on some tasks in the form of reviewing the latest update to the software I use to model in 3D and also to head up some forums dealing with the same software and helping others to learn how to use it to create their own form of artwork.

I have two good modelers that agreed to help me and the site is really a wonderful  venue for all forms of art. But it does take time and effort to do the tutorials and answer questions usually with a screenshot showing how to do it. Those things coupled with my health issues seemed to not allow time to correspond with friends and family in the way I wanted. Since I have two or three blogs going at any one time covering high profile crimes, my artwork and writing, it was the first form of connection that popped into my mind as a way of having a gathering place to post updates, visit about your own health concerns, pass along old fashioned cures that actually work  and anything else we have a mind to say and/or share.

So here it is. It’s bare boned now but I’ll be adding links to good resources I have found for diabetes, cancer, and the plain old flu. Not to dwell on them at all, but to share good and helpful things with each other, sad stories, funny stories, and just life and families.

Feel free to jump in at any time and fill us in about you, or your mother, or Grandfather. Anything you would like. I’ll intersperse what’s going on with me and my MANY doctors (the opposite of what I had for so long which is NO doctors due to no insurance.) I hear there are altruistic professionals out there who fly to other countries to help people in need. I have yet to meet one on our shores; not saying they are not doing the same here, but I would love to hear about them, even more than the trips to other countries. I want to hear about the groundwork being done here for our seniors who can’t get help, our babies and children who need good medical care so badly and even the middle ground who need to stay healthy to care for the elders and the babies.

I think I have ranted enough. Again, welcome, and I hope you join in when you have time. I will too and maybe we can help each other and others also who need healed from the inside out. I’m going to attempt to make this welcome a “sticky” which means it will remain on top for those to read who are new here. I’m hoping it’s the warm welcome that they have been searching for.



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