Another Rainy Day in Dixie

Most of the day has been spent watching the gutters and ditches fill with a lot of rainwater and listening to thunder. It’s a sort of day that I usually like but today was somewhat different.

I took another hard fall in the night  and this one was hard enough to leave my right  forearm bruised and swollen in a circular pattern and also swollen from mid forearm to the elbow. I couldn’t figure out what happened for quite awhile and then had to figure out how to get up. I finally did but have been sort of weak and shaky on the typing the whole day. So I called and postponed the last half  of the lumbar MRI until Monday at 3 pm. That gives me until Monday to get “unshaky”.

I did get a new meter from the new doctor and it’s really nice. It monitors much more than the old one like insulin intake, readings before and after meals, and has a USB cord so you can hook it into the web and upload all of your stuff into their spot and get all kinds of readouts. Anyway, that was my day, and how was yours??



My “Almost Weekend” Day


Well, not really, I just like Robin Williams’ cheerful greeting to each new day in a war torn world. I shouldn’t like it, but when he shouted it accompanied by the favorite songs of the troops mired in muck up to their elbows, I took heart.

Short Story

And here it is. A/C man never showed when he was supposed to be here. A HOT night in the old town that night. However, today, “the Iceman Cometh” and he brought a capacitor and in 10 minutes the feel of beautiful cold air was snorting out of the air ducts and playing little dancing games across my hot forehead. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, what bliss.

Now where was I before we were so rudely interrupted? Oh yes. Tomorrow (or today depending in where you are)  it is my next trial at the Medical building where they will force me to lie on that hard table, crank my head backwards in a painful turn and make me “feel better” by handing me a rubber ball for emergencies and nice warm (hot for me

Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Magnetic resonance imaging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

lately) blankets over my torso and arms. My arms are bent and outside of the tube area lying on cold metal slabs with warm towels over them. It’s just enough length since my arms are long like my legs, that I can grip the edges of the trays or whatever they are. I’ll lay you odds that my fingerprints are embedded in them. Killjoy, I mean Kilroy was here.

If I can still type, I will fill you in when I get home. Don’t be too upset, this trial by fire progresses on through Friday (endocrinologist for the diabetes) who is not going to be too happy with my numbers and then on Monday, the second half of that lumbar MRI and then on next Wednesday, the results of the really fun MRI’s I had and what is next.You might want to get some Cheetos for the long haul. Hope you truly are doing ok out there, It’s awfully quiet in here.Kath





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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, the Old Man is Snoring


I loved that sing-song chant we used to do when it was dark and starting to rain on the way home from grade school. it usually meant Grandma would have dry clothes and hot chocolate ready and I could go and play in that wonderful walk-in closet that smelled of mothballs. When I tout that I never did drugs, I guess to be honest I would have to own up to smelling the mothballs in Grandma’s storage closet and the pungent odor of airplane glue while I sat perfectly still watching my boy cousins as they built model airplanes in Grandma’s bedroom upstairs with all of the many windows open at Christmas, which was usually the only day we were together…at Grandma’s on Christmas Day.

Flash forward to the present and a rain and thunderstorm can usually produce a  neat “snugly closed in ” feeling, it’s never going to reach that point today. Why, you ask? And as we try valiantly to enjoy the rain, we know we never will on this day because the A/C went out last night and the A/C guys weren’t here yet at noon and I had to postpone the MRI once again. We are now at almost 4 pm and no show. I don’t want to go through another sweat box day in Florida. Who ever wanted to come here in the first place??? Oh yeah, me. To be with Dad before he passed. And I missed it by one week. But it was so good to be with Mom before she left us too. And now I am left with this weather that would make a desert rattler scream for his mama.

All I can say is I am HOT and it’s not pleasurable. As I lie back in my racing chair, I lay an ice cube on my steaming forehead and let the melted cool water run down my nose, and off my chin to hit the hot skin of my chest and wonder what cold things I had in the fridge for supper, and if  body lotion would just chill in the freezer or become a hard lump of ice lotion? At this point, either  will do…



A “Sort of Reprieve”

Last night around 10 pm found me in a sort of unusual position for me. At least lately, I used to find myself in a few ungainly positions when in my teens but this

was a little different. Sitting here at the computer in a sideways position with the arms of the new motorized chair flung to the skies, I somehow got a teeny bit off balance and toppled over backwards in a Tonya Harding back flip. I could lie and say it was planned, however such was not the case. As I looked up at my other half who was frowning and hollering something about “I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I told you to sit straight in that chair!” (was he channeling Dad??) I refused his outstretched hand and told him I needed to get my bearings first and hopefully the pain in my back and leg would ease a bit.

Five minutes and a few unflattering positions later, I was back up and seated in the chair. After promising never to sit with the chair arms flung to the skies, and to sit perfectly straight in the chair from now on, things quieted down. Yes it hurt like the blazes and I felt strangely dizzy (er). But morning found me so sore and stiff, I knew there was no way I could climb on that metal torture table and do the second half of that lumbar MRI. I admit to feeling a bit like the cat who swallowed the canary, however a few of those hollow bird bones were still sticking and hurting me.

I grabbed the paper up with the order on it from my neurologist, and the day jumped out at me, Tuesday it said, Tuesday!! I had wasted all of my worry and fear on the wrong day. No need to call and change the date to tomorrow. It always WAS tomorrow. Sigh… See you after the matinee.


My Pockets Full of Tricks

I’m planning for any eventuality. My Swiss Army Knife is in my back pocket, there is a quarter in my front pocket so I can call for help if I think of someone who cares and I am ready to beg if need be when Nurse Ratchett hollers out when it’s time to go, “I’m just doing a drive by at the morgue to save time, want me to grab a pizza on the way back?”

The torture begins at 3pm if you would like to set your Mickey Mouse watches. I plan on being brave right up until the lid slams shut and those interminably loud hammers start up. I’ll have the little rubber squeeze ball in my hand to call her if I want to tell her I quit and she hems and haws and calls out her “It’s only 8 more minutes, you can do that can’t you??” I’m just hoping I make it home before the 10 o’clock news.


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